Based on their long term experience and their success within metering and dispensing, INFINITI a brand relating to Dispensing and Pumping Solutions was developped for STAN Engineering corp s.r.l. Our team is dedicated to the research and development of mini and micro pumps and systems for highest dosing accuracy demands.

We manufacture dosing pump and dispensing systems for the dispensing, potting, filling or dosing of silicones, MS polymers, MMA's, epoxy resins, anaerobics....for both 1K and 2K adhesive Systems within the electronic and photonic industry, automotive,...

Applications: LED, glob top, dam and fill, underfill, dot dosing, bead dispensing

INFINITI finds ist roots in the north-west of Italy. Their team designs and manufactures their products locally and are fully independently developing software and electronics that drive the dosing mechanics. INFINITI technology is based on the concept of the endless dosing progressing cavity pump.

INFINITI technology allows you to pump and dose with extreme reliability, highest accuracy and needed repeatability, also for products which are normally considered to be difficult. Thru constant innovations, the INFINITI team believes that versatility has now become crucial to respond to the future needs of its customer demands by offering own and OEM solutions.

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