MVP's mission is to provide its customers with the finest and most advanced vision and process control technology available. Our overall goal is to help our clients improve their business by providing inspection solutions that raise quality levels and decrease cost. MVP recognizes that to fully realize our potential as a leader in the industry, we must satisfy these challenges. To do so, MVP engages in strong partnerships with its customers. Consequently, the success of MVP is directly linked to the success of our customers.

MVP is a fast growing company in a maturing market. With vision inspection having become an indispensable technology in the electronic assembly industry, MVP expects steady growth over the next several years. MVP has a global staff of 100 who are exclusively dedicated to the development, support, and marketing of PCB assembly inspection equipment. In order to increase MVP’s global presence, production facilities are expanding, and distribution and agency agreements are developing to serve new target markets. With an installed base of over 2500 systems, MVP is one of the biggest vendors in the AOI market.