The product range supplied by our company is shown as below. All of our partners offers reliable and high quality products for the customers with many years of experience on the field of manufacturing and assembly.


  • Denso Robotics
  • Nachi Robotics
  • AEB Robotics
  • Indeva Manipulators
  • PMI Group


  • JBC
  • OKI Metcal
  • Hakko
  • Ersa
  • Plato
  • Techspray
  • Weller
  • Bofa
  • Almit
  • Circuit Medic
  • Surclean
  • Finetech-Martin
  • Cramolin
  • Tresky


  • Stöger
  • Fiam
  • Kilews
  • Doga
  • Sumake
  • Hios
  • Quicher


  • Fisnar
  • Infinitti Dosing


  • Mechatronika
  • Robotas
  • Solbot
  • CAB
  • EPS


  • MVP
  • Daylight
  • Dino Lite
  • GW Instek
  • Zeiss
  • Luxo
  • Starlight
  • Leica


  • Waldmann
  • Luxo


  • Pipe & Joint
  • Alvaris profiles
  • Werksitz
  • Fami
  • GSM Motion
  • Flexlink


  • Abeba
  • Artigo
  • Bimos


  • Bahco
  • CK Tools
  • Knipex
  • Erem
  • Lindstrom
  • Wera


All the information concerning goods, including prices in the catalogue, on the CD/DVD, the DELTA TOOLS's web page and other information materials constitute only an invitation to make an agreement, and they do not constitute an offer. Prices included in the catalogue and on the CD/DVD as well as in other information materials should be treated as approximate. Price being in force at the moment of sales is the price that has been agreed in writing with an authorized DELTA TOOLS employee.

The prices shown in the catalogue and on the CD/DVD are in: EUR and do not includes VAT. The prices never include shipping and customs costs.

They are Ex Works Delta Tools prices Title to all goods is retained by supplier until each and every claim of supplier against purchaser originating in the business relations has been duty satisfied, prior to this event, goods may not be pledged or given as security.


DELTA TOOLS accepts orders made only by letter, fax, e-mail. DELTA TOOLS is not liable for any effects of incorrect or illegible order made by a Customer especially for any incorrectness causing a delay in the order processing and failure in delivery of ordered goods. Placing an order does not bind DELTA TOOLS and lack of response does not mean any silent acceptance of the order.

Goods can be ordered only in quantities appropriate to their multiplicity indicated next to the product (if the multiplicity is not indicated, it is implicitly 1) and not lower than the lowest quantity in the chart of prices. At a Customer's request, a confirmation of placed orders is sent.


Costs of shipment are incurred by a Customer, unless it is agreed otherwise upon a separate agreement made between a Customer and DELTA TOOLS. Shipment costs amount depends on a package's weight, its dimensions, country of destination and a selected carrier/forwarder. Shipment costs are added to the order and invoiced with the first shipment containing the goods in a given order. On a Customer's request, combining additionally ordered goods with the second or the subsequent shipments containing the goods from a given order means that such shipment including additionally ordered goods will be treated as a new order and the shipment costs will be added to it. If a package weight exceeds the lump sum for a given country (or such a lump sum has not been established), then the costs of shipment are set up by the DELTA TOOLS Export Department Terms of deliveries are approximate terms, unless a Customer agreed with DELTA TOOLS the delivery term based on a separate agreement. Term of delivery is specified in the ISO 8601 standard ( DELTA TOOLS selects a forwarder/carrier, unless, based on separate agreements between a Customer and DELTA TOOLS, it has been agreed otherwise. Collection of goods in the DELTA TOOLS head office is not possible only if it has been agreed in writing with an authorized DELTA TOOLS employee.


Customers from the European Union are obliged to give their European registration VAT number in order to make purchases at 0% VAT rate. If we do not receive such a confirmed number from you as well as the confirmation of the goods receipt, we will be obliged to issue an invoice with the local tax on goods and services accordance with the rate currently being in force. A Customer can be charged for local tax on goods and services (VAT) if they do not present DELTA TOOLS the confirmation of European registration VAT number validity on the day of the agreement conclusion with DELTA TOOLS or if this number is invalid on the day of the goods delivery. A Customer will be charged with the local tax on goods and services also when they ship the goods abroad on their own and when they do not provide us with the confirmation of exporting the goods to another European Union’s country.


DELTA TOOLS accepts payments only by bank transfer. A Customers can negotiate the way of payment. In order to agree on the terms of payment, please contact the DELTA TOOLS Export Department. To obtain a deferred payment term Customers need to send us their company’s up-to-date registration documents (or other documents on demand). DELTA TOOLS reserves the right to charge statutory interests in the event of late payment made by a Customer. DELTA TOOLS reserves the right to refuse to receive an order, to withhold the order processing or ordered goods shipment if a Customer falls behind with payments or if their legal or financial situation can cause problems with making payments in the future or when DELTA TOOLS has doubts about the financial situation of a Customer All bank transfer fees regarding the money transfer are incurred by a Customer.


Goods sold by our company are of high quality. The way of their transportation, storage and packaging ensures their protection against damages, both mechanical and electrical. An up-to-date list of products consistent with the RoHS Directive can be found in the catalogue and on the CD/DVD or the web page.


DETLTA TOOLS is not liable for damages caused due to failure to keep the term of delivery, delivery of products with parameters different from those included in the catalogue or in the web page offer, non-delivery of products or change in prices. Particularly, we are not liable for breaks in the production process, loss of profit or indirect losses, arising due to non-delivery of the appropriate goods in a given term. The above limitations do not apply to a situation in which there was a separate agreement made regarding the goods' delivery between a Customer and DELTA TOOLS, in which the terms of delivery and liability for not meeting them were specified DELTA TOOLS is not liable for the effects of the delivered products misuse DELTA TOOLS is not liable for any mistakes in the print of the catalogue and any mistakes in technical documentation available in the Internet We also reserve the possibility to deliver the goods with different parameters from those included in the catalogue, therefore after receiving the goods from us please check whether the goods' properties meet your demands. The parameters and descriptions of the offered products are approximate and they cannot form basis for demanding compensation. The buying party is liable for their proper use and application. DELTA TOOLS is not liable for illegal use of the product purchased from DELTA TOOLS.


All of the information included offers, quotations, phone conversations, e-mails, written or non-written agreements are the official property of Delta Group. Any reproduction, forwarding and copy in part or as a whole without the written permission is prohibited. The information contained in the above mentioned ways are privileged and confidential. It is intended to be use only by the individual or entity to whom it is addressed or by their designee. If the user of the information is not the intended recipient, you are on notice that any distribution of the information, in any form, is strictly prohibited.

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