Easy flexible feeding system:
Programmable which allows you to handle different products at one system that consists of an
vision-system and a DENSO robot.

Compact design:
No return-system required and the small footprint allows a compact design of application. No conveyer tracking so easy to integrate. Available in three sizes; a 800, 1000 and 1200mm version

Makes fully use of the intelligence of the robot and widely applicable: assembly, handling, load & unloading, packaging, quality control.

Operating and powering fully integrated in the DENSO robot controller. Conveyer speed and shaking frequency is easy to adjust by robot teaching pendant.

The high-speed conveyer positions product fast in detection area of vision-system which allows very short cycle-times; 60 picks per minute possible.

Diverse handling:
Can handle wide diversity of products with dimensions till 250mm (diagonal), max weight: approximately 300gr. Non-massive product handling possible.