From domestic No. 1, it is To World No. 1. 

Solution Company MUSASHI to push on in The unknown micro-dispensing world

For extremely daily business and living, big wave of computerization flocks now. Thing adapting itself to higher and individual needs is strongly demanded from dispensing system (liquid precisely control unit) controlling liquid material while becoming goes ahead through cell-phone, PC, Compact-size, personal of product including video camera.

MUSASHI is dispenser synthesis maker performing mainly on development and production, sale of dispensing system proud of overwhelming domestic No. 1 in the dispenser market. MUSASHI which made profound, and always opened up the new world in the unknown world called liquid precisely control. Based on accumulation of insatiate pursuit of original technique and dispensing technology for many years, we make full use of industry leading technology and, for application that is semiconductor, LC, communication, high level of every industry including electronics including electronic parts, give a smooth response. Based on share to account for more than 80% of fields of semiconductor and the firm results and trust as Sadamu Takayasu growth company including the number of the business companies of 5,000 led by major company, we aim at world overwhelming No. 1.

“Challenge” doing human nature such as “faithfulness” at creation of value that always shows “originality”, and is new as for coherent basic idea = MUSASHI spirit since its formation as the origin of manufacturing. We continue challenging construction of “original seeds” producing needs of the new times from now on.